We count relationships, not deals.

Salee Zawerbek

Your realtor for life!

My passion for real estate started at the age of sixteen. I worked as a receptionist at one of California's largest real estate companies, and by the time I graduated high school I knew I had found my calling! After attending a local college and obtaining an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, I transferred to CSULB's School of Business where I majored in Finance, Real Estate and Law.

Homes are a beautiful thing. It warms my heart to see my clients look forward to the moments they'll live through in their new homes. Likewise, it makes me happy to support others as they bid farewell to what had provided them with those moments for years. Real estate has undoubtedly become what I love most and do best!

I differentiate myself by being a woman of principle. I demonstrate character by keeping my behavior aligned with my promises, so you'll know what to expect. You may have encountered realtors who, above all else, are obsessed with closing deals. Instead, I focus only on my commitment to serve my clients, and guess what? The deals come. Deals that everyone involved will feel right about.

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- Salee Zawerbek


Kind words from my lovely clients...

"Salee is a very unique professional who optimally combines professionalism, punctuality, pleasantness, and ethics in her service to her clients who are most certain to become her friends after dealing with her. Salee will not leave any stone unturned in her quest to render the best quality service to her clients."


"Salee is not just a real estate agent, she is truly your Consultant for LIFE...She goes beyond finding the perfect place for you, to making you feel you are home in your new place."


"God bless this lady, as she dedicates her very being to helping others. Not only do we have a real estate consultant we can trust with our future real estate purchases, but we even have a friend."